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                     The world is fast changing, and the 21st century brings in more challenges than the previous centuries. As soon as a child enters school, he/she is faced with a variety of tests and contests that try to assess his/her skills and abilities. These tests and competitions are valuable tools that will help you find out where you stand, and what your true aptitudes and merits are. Any child can excel in these tests if he/she prepares well, and get equipped to face the challenge.

                   MISLA  is a research driven organization. We actively engage with the local community to find out the needs and assess the impact of our education in present education system. MISLA aims to promote competitive awareness of academics in school students in India.  It also aims to develop creative thinking and enhance the problem-solving ability of students. MISLA would like to give you an opportunity to acquaint you and prepare you for such examinations. Misala has provided a forum for honest and ambitious students to show their talents and to increase their confidence in competing in competitive exams.

                  MISLA is an incentive as well as encouragement to student, who are talented but found difficulty in studying further. Scholarship is a boon for student belonging to weaker section of society, who are unable to further their education to various reason.

                 To achieve excellence in learning, as the syllabus is getting bigger while the competition is getting tougher day by day one should work hard i.e our mission to make a healthy and competitive environment from the beginning. Now days we see that after promotion in higher class student generally forget knowledge about previous classes that’s a major drawback of our education system.

                MISLA  try to minimize that drawback to some extent by conducting scholarship program that provide healthy competitive environment so that, student were already prepared for the tough encounter coming in their future.