MISLA  is a research driven organization. We actively engage with the local community to find out the needs and assess the impact of our education in present education system. MISLA aims to promote competitive awareness of academics in school students in India.  It also aims to develop creative thinking and enhance the problem-solving ability of students. MISLA would like to give you an opportunity to acquaint you and prepare you for such examinations. MISLA has provided a forum for honest and ambitious students to show their talents and to increase their confidence in competing in competitive exams.

          MISLA   designed to assesses the overall intellectual potential of the students from class 1 to 8.MISLA scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test to get the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.It uses conceptual; multiple-choice questions to focus on measuring how well SKILLS and CONCEPTS underlying the school syllabus have been understood by the student.

Participation Benefits:-

MISLA provides a platform where students can judge their intellectual potential at the State and national level. The MTSE exam is based on the syllabus of State Boards and CBSE. Thus, preparing for this exam will be a pre-practice for them for their school exams.

Participation in MISLA’S Exam will help studnets in:


Identify their academic strengths and weaknesses. Monitor and compare their year on year achievement with other students.

Students will be able to gauge the limits of their capabilities. They will be able to understand the kind of challenging academic work they sould undertake to realize their true potential.

Early Exposure to Learning and Competition-

The competition tends to make participants into very sharp-minded and ‘clever’ problem solvers.

It gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills by tackling a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms